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Cosgrave, The Very Rev. F.H.

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Some words on the pronunciation of Mr. Pepys' name. Mr. Pepys and his time. Why he and his time are worthy of the audience's attention. Events that took place during Pepys' lifetime (1633-1703), and events in Pepys' own life. Ways in which Pepys was at the centre of the political life of England. The diary of Mr. John Evelyn, with many references to Pepys. Pepys as a business man. Pepys in the Navy. Pepys as a musician. Pepys' library and collection of curiosities considerable, especially his models of ships. Another contemporary opinion of Pepys and the kind of man we see through these accounts: a very great public servant, a most learned man, President of the Royal Society for the Advancement of Science, an done of the most distinguished of the citizens of England in his time. A look at Mr. Pepys through his own diary. The problem, since the diary was written in cipher, of knowing whether or not Mr. Pepys ever intended anyone else to ever read his diary: speculation and diverse views. The speaker's view. Pepy's diary as literature. The last words of Pepys' diary. The deciphering of the diaries. Comments on the content, with examples of his frankness. Pepy's wealth, as revealed in the diary. Other aspects of the diary. The diary as a history of the times. Pepys' vivid account of the Great Fire of London, and the Plague prior to it. A comparison of Pepys' diary with other great books in our literature.

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