Vladimir Putin

Ambridge, Douglas White

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History of the forests and man's fascination with it. The forest as a mysterious place. Early man's veneration for the trees and forests. Groves of trees often the scene of religious exercises. An account of tree worship in Sir James G. Frazer's "The Golden Bough." A brief review of myths and legends involving trees and forests. Anecdotes of the lasting nature of the mystery attached to trees and forests. The assertion by J.D. Gilmour, a retired forestry engineer, that Ontario "has the worst forest policies and administration of all the civilized regions of the world. Disaster, therefore, must be inevitable, and signs of it are clear to all foresters who know the situation." More examples of extravagant statements with regard to this subject. Commissions, Royal and otherwise, appointed to look at the forestry industry. An impracticable plan suggested. Some facts from the speaker about the pulp and paper industry. A list of some of the things which his company's foresters and woods managers believe to be true in the Province of Ontario. An invitation to write to the speaker's company for answers to any questions about the industry.

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