Vladimir Putin

Rowan-Legg, Allan A.

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Some introductory statements about the implications of what the speaker has to say: a recognition of a bias towards Ontario--what's good for Ontario exports is good for Canada; a preference that his remarks be taken as an individual expression of opinion, rather than official policy. Speaking as a commentator, after three years of viewing the British and European business scene from a "ringside seat." Some facts about Ontario's exports of manufactured products to the United Kingdom. Reasons for a large drop in exports to Britain. A discussion of our trade problems and prospects in the Britain market with regard to Britain's negotiations for entry into the European Economic Community. Consequences of such entry. Trade policies in terms of the GATT tariff agreements and their importance to Canada's export trade, both in the U.K. and elsewhere. Protectionist policies of the Common Market, with agriculture as a particular case. The danger that present Common Market trade attitudes will bring about a drift towards protectionist policies in the United States and elsewhere. Value Added Tax contrary to the principle of free trade advocated by GATT. Ways in which Canada and Ontario can operate in this trade environment, using the high-technology industries as an example. Ontario's efforts in trade development. The Sales Mission Programme and other activities of the speaker's department. A brief history of how Ontario has been represented in Britain over the last 100 years. The need for Canada and Ontario to learn to adapt quickly to changing trade patterns. Preparing to get our share of the increasing world trade.

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