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The issue of Canadian unity made problematic in that we are not all of the same character. A remarriage in 1759. Most disagreements or misunderstandings grounded on prejudice or ignorance, neither of which can be eliminated at a stroke. The lack of surprise that there are misunderstandings existing between Quebec and the rest of Canada. Reasons for those misunderstandings. Points of contact that do exist between the elites of our various groups. The balance sheet of mistakes made in our Confederation on the English as well as on the French side. Talk of a separatist movement in Quebec, aimed at the establishment of a French state along the St. Lawrence River. The denouncement of the trend by all authorities, civil and religious. The wave of nationalism ravaging ancient Europe. Some examples of how, in recent years, circumstances have favoured a recrudescence of narrow nationalism among certain parts of the youth of the Province of Quebec. French-speaking Canadians struggling nearly two centuries against formidable elements to keep alive their language, their traditions, their faith and their identity. One contribution French-speaking Canada could make right away to the cause of national unity. The establishment of an adequate practical system of education in French Canada that would prepare people to resume in the field of industry, trade and finance, the pioneering role they once played in the opening of the North American frontiers to settlement and trade. Federal-provincial relations and powers. Amending the Constitution. The widening gulf between our two leading nationalities. Differences in language and cultural background as the greatest factors of our division and disruption. Working to plan for practical steps which will bring them closer together. The role to play by the press of the Dominion. The principle of bilingualism gaining everywhere in the country. Comparing the respective advantage of both languages. Canada's need for more people. Time for us to fill some of the vacant spaces in Canada with the type of population we want and can assimilate, selected by ourselves, before people whom we do not want to take advantage of our numerical weakness and help themselves to that which we are not using. The fact that many of us know so little about the rest of the country as a source of tension. Understanding one another.