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Wright, A.W.

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The need for Canada to make up its mind quickly and decidedly, as to what it is going to do to maintain for Canada the control of the water-borne trade of the west and the northwest. Consequences for the future of making a mistake now. Three ways proposed by which we can deal with the position in which we find ourselves. That position defined. The battle of the canals. The history of Canada and the United States, each trying to get the trade their way. The small Welland Canal, enlarged twice; the Erie Canal built by the U.S. Canada with the advantage now, but an insecure position. An illustration of that insecure position. The need for free tolls through the Welland, but the additional need for the Welland Canal to be so constructed, so improved, that no possible improvement that can be made on the Erie will be able to make it a match for the Welland. Monies being spent in the U.S. to improve the Erie Canal, and the terminals. What that will mean for us when they are finished. Nothing short of a Welland Canal which will take the largest vessels that navigate the lakes and take them right down to Montreal will suite the purpose. The first proposition considered that the Welland Canal should be enlarged and deepened and made straighter, safer, and shorter. Another proposition to build a canal from the Georgian Bay by way of the French River, Lake Nipissing, the Mattawa River and the Ottawa River to Montreal. Pros and cons of each proposition discussed. Looking at the whole thing from the standpoint of practical men. A summit proposition. The issue of whether ocean vessels would be able to travel on the lakes. The last proposition, the Welland Canal as a 30-foot canal. The speaker's belief that this is the best proposition, and why. The issue of developing power. Benefits to Canada.

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