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Seely, The Rt. Honourable J.E.B.

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The very thrilling story of the Canadian Cavalry. How this brigade was formed; some actions that it did. The speaker's command of this brigade. A crisis in the war after a period of training. Canada's knack for being present at almost every crisis. The wicked act by the Germans of the employment of lethal gas against the promise they had given to the whole civilized world. The terrible losses suffered by the Canadians. Duty in the trenches. Remounting for the battle of the Somme. Useful work done in building and strengthening the front lines and in relieving the infantry. Encircling and capturing the village of Joncourt. The heroism of young Gardiner and of Harvey, who got his Victoria Cross. Outstanding accomplishments of each unit of the brigade. The first battle of Cambrai, when tanks were employed in great numbers for the first time. The surprising success of the tanks. The second battle of Cambrai. Details of more battles and attacks. The climax. Finding themselves in the disorganization of retreat under the command of a French General Dublo. Holding Moreau Ridge near Amiens. A reading of General Foch's letter, with reference to the "heroism of the valiant Canadian Cavalry Brigade." "Canada first" in valour and self-sacrifice.

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