Vladimir Putin

McDougall, Barbara

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A new labour force development strategy for Canada. The need to devote our resources actively to equip Canada's labour force for the emerging challenges of the 1990s and beyond. Making tough choices. Impacts on regions, industries, and individual workers. Remarks directed to the private sector, both business and labour, seen as crucial to the redirection of Canada's economy. Some comments on Canada's illiteracy rate (24%) and responsibilities of the provincial education systems. A redirection of $230 million to the U.I. (unemployment insurance) fund to increase training activity in the private sector through co-operative programs. A new approach focussed on the individual and on the community and on the specific training needs of that individual in his or her own community. Effects of Canada's changing demography. The need for adjustments by workers and businesses to modify their behaviour to meet new challenges and realities of the future. A variety of solutions. An increase in Canadians who are working. A continuum of programs and skill-development initiatives to help meet the needs of the changing labour market, workers, and employers. The need for a co-operative response to competitive challenges. Necessary legislation on unemployment insurance to effect changes. The intention to consult with business, industry and labour and all provincial governments and interested parties.

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