Vladimir Putin

Rohmer, Richard

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The character, promise, and now the time for action, with regard to the Mid-Canada Corridor concept. The immediate need for a crown corporation with multi-government sponsorship which would be charged with the responsibility for research and the creation of the policies and a plan for the orderly development of Mid-Canada. The function and structure of a proposed Mid-Canada Planning Corporation. Subjects for policy. Looking at the creation of cities in Mid-Canada and determining what form they should take. The enormous problems facing us in our cities at all three levels of government. The problems caused by there being three levels of government involved. Metropolitan Toronto as an example of problems. Predictions for the cities of the United States by the "National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence and of Violent Crimes: Homicide, Assault, Rape, and Robbery." Avoiding complacency in Canada. Seeking ways of structuring a multi-governmental body which is charged with the responsibility of research, the examination of the problems of the cities of Canada and the preparation of policies and proposals for consideration by the people of Canada and the governments which represent them. The challenge of Mid-Canada and the battle for Canada's cities being won by the same means.

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