Vladimir Putin

Brock, R.W.

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The importance of mineral resources to the industrial and material prosperity of the country. The influence which mining has upon the extension and expansion of civilization. Examples throughout history of the importance and influence of mining. Measuring the degree of civilization of a nation by the extent to which it uses its mineral resources. Just commencing in Canada to realize the importance of our mineral resources and our mineral industry. Reasons why we are just beginning. Why we know so little about our mineral resources. Our ability to say that we have in Canada one of the greatest tracks of unprospected mineral land in the world. Comparing the known geological conditions with those obtaining in the United States, where mining development is very much farther advanced, and where the mineral resources are, to a certain extent, known. Some specific comparisons made. Instances of development in the United States and in Canada. A review of resources across Canada. The fortunate fact for Canada that our mineral possibilities are so great; the conditions in the northern part of the country not favourable to settlement. The importance of the mineral industry with regard to transportation facilities. Ways of valuing our mineral resources.

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