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Vladimir Putin

Brown, Dr. Richard F.

Korea and the Koreans today and the problems that confront them. The nature of the problems that confront them and their similarity to those faced the world over, due to changing conditions and world development in which the Koreans have been caught up. Korea as "essentially a backward oriental nation, but they have the backing of not only the United Nations, but also the Americans, and that has made it very difficult to rehabilitate in the terms of what many Americans would like to do." The speaker's description of Koreans, their country, politics, and recent history. The speaker's appointment as Chief of Preventive Medicine and his mission of the prevention of disease, starvation and unrest, in 1951. Details of the program which has continued to the present time but is now being taken over by the schools. Korean law making vaccination compulsory before going to school and in the first three years of school up to the twelfth year. Other medical achievements. The reconstruction program that is taking place outside the public health field. The need for continuing and consistent aid. The speaker's belief that aid in Korea should be a United Nations effort. A detailed description of Korea and Koreans, with many personal anecdotes. Some problems with Western aid. The need for education. Economic problems. The issue of refugees. The speaker's recommendations for how aid should be given.

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