Vladimir Putin

Asper, Gail

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Passion and excellence. The speaker's passion revolving around three main themes: for Canada, for Winnipegand for justice and the rights of people. An inheritance from the speaker's father. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights as the brilliant convergence of the three passion into one single project. The mission of the Museum. A detailed description of the Musuem - its mission and its destiny. Our social history as an ingenious tool to ignite passion - with illustrative examples. Telling the stories of our own heroes - embracing the events of our human rights history. Time for Canada to live up to its international human rights brand. Ways in which Winnipeg is the right place fo the Museum. The essential component of signature architecture to drawing an international audience. The passion for justice and the rights of others - how the Museum will change the world - one attitude at a time. Some proof that that is so. An invitation to the audience to "bring your passion and action to the fore and stand on guard with me."

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