Vladimir Putin

The Hon. Brad Wall

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A story from Saskatchewan. Friendly faces at the head table. Some introductions. Sources of perspective. Heady times for the province of Saskatchewan. An exciting time to be premier. Having the best job in Canada. The speaker's desire to increase familiarity with Saskatchewan and the opportunities that exist there. Why that is good for the province but even more for the country. The chance to make a difference. Saskatchewan as the "next-year" country and how that has been so. The speaker's message today to say that the next year has arrived. Some evidence for that. Some specifics with regard to economic, social, and demographic growth. Ways in which Saskatchewan is now a "have" province. Characteristics of the government in the province of Saskatchewan. Sustaining the economic momentum. A growth plan for Saskatchewan - some of the highlights. De-politicizing economic development. Fiscal probity. Infrastructure investment. Revamped labour legislation. Representing Saskatchewan in the United States. A story about branding. An innovation agenda. Some agricultural statistics. Having the resources. Leading the world in carbon capture and storage. Enhancing oil recovery. Continued investment in the Petroleum Research Centre at the University of Regina. Opportunities around the next generation of nuclear technology. The kind of vision needed in North America and Canada today. What will be needed to succeed. Where Saskatchewan is going to go. Seeking an eco-system of innovation through the right tax policies. The world's desire to have cleaner energy. The vision in Saskatchewan.

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