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Peterson, David

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A joint meeting of the Empire Club of Canada and the Canadian Club of Toronto. An assertion that the single most important public policy lever that government and society has to shape the future, is in our educational system. Address given on the first day of Education Week. Questions to be asked such as "how different each one of our own lives would be had we not had the opportunity to have the education that we do have; will our children lead the same kind of life that we have led; what will be the effects if they don't have an opportunity to fulfil themselves; are we fulfilling our commitment as a society in educating our children to take new roles in an ever-changing world?" The reality that Canada is not keeping pace with other nations; nations that our children will be competing with for jobs and opportunities in the future. Changes in world trading. Where Canada's traditional jobs are going. The challenge to develop new jobs and add more value to the economy and provide higher wages for the people who perform them. The establishment of the Premier's Council to develop global, economic and technological leadership, in conjunction with the private sector and academia. Some examples of activities of the Council and of business. A determination of the Council as to the primary importance of education. The interrelationship of jobs, education, and skill training. Examining students' learning needs. Some suggestions for changes in direction in education. A move into co-operative education. Bestowing our hopes for the future through our education systems and our commitment to young people.

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