Vladimir Putin

Allan, J.D.; Somers, George T.

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Mr. J.D. Allan: Remembering the effect of the old Reciprocity Treaty being abrogated. Toronto at that time, and the conditions of trade. The great changes which have taken place in Canada in less than a lifetime. The value of the policy Canada has been pursuing. Inter-provincial trade before and at the time of Federation. The extent to which inter-provincial trade is threatened by the adoption of Reciprocity. Benefits to be seen. Changes in transportation over the last 40 years. Ways in which distance has been almost obliterated by the application of steam in transportation. The matter of Canadian products going through the American market and being sold in places like the West Indies as "American." This as a very serious reason why we should not carry out this arrangement of Reciprocity. The speaker's belief that our safest way is to attend to our own business in our own way and allow the people of the United States the same privilege. The effects of this Agreement, illustrated by the Union Stock Yards, with which the speaker is connected. Trying to show the farmer that his position under Reciprocity would not be what he has been led to believe. This issue not a party question. Espousing the cause of opposition to Reciprocity. Mr. George T. Somers: The speaker's belief that this is no time for a change. Prosperity in Canada. Favourable trade relations. The lack of benefit to the farmer of Reciprocity, with illustration. The Canadian farmer today. Ways in which the speaker believes the farmer and Canada as part of the Empire will suffer from a Reciprocity Agreement. How such an agreement will affect capital. Canadian loyalty as British subjects. Canadian loyalty to our friends across the border. Ways in which this trade arrangement will be detrimental to Canada.
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