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At the Annual Meeting. Taking a sort of aeroplane photograph as we pass by, to present several features in each part of the Empire. A quick run over to the old country. The problems of Great Britain very much the problems of the Empire. Problems worked out in Britain recently concerning unemployment, the unemployable, housing, the poor, re-establishing trade, questions of efficiency and work hours, and the question of pay without work. Ireland; looking very much now as if the end were in sight and a fairly peaceable solution being worked out. The question of the re-establishment of commercial supremacy in England and the Empire generally. The political considerations which have to be met in the old country and in the Empire largely and inseparably connected with the question of economics. Legislation concerning relief work, and for getting suitable men out of the country and into the Overseas Dominions and settled on the land. Also covered in Lloyd George's legislation, a call for export credits for the purpose of enabling industrial and commercial concerns in the old country to deal with the overseas dominions through the help of loans. The War Office, and illustrative examples of their work. References to the Limitation of Armaments Conference in Washington. The Empire around the world: a question now of how we are going to ensure the peace; how we are going to get on now with the business of the Empire. Empire trade and the seven seas. A reading of two or three stanzas of that poem by Rudyard Kipling, written 20 years ago, entitled "The Seven Seas." A quick journey through the Empire, beginning with the Mediterranean, and Malta, which how has its own government, under the control and advisement of the British. The speaker then reviews the situations in Egypt, Palestine, Mesopotamia, India, Africa and Australia. Canada and its place in the Empire. Drawing our attention to the new Coat of Arms for the Dominion of Canada which is about to be adopted. The need for us to continue our place in the Empire, to form that link from Sea to Sea. Our Canadian problems not the same as the others. How to carry out that idea of autonomy up to a certain point and then apply it in that great intimate partnership in the Empire and the British League of Nations. Other problems which are a legacy of the war. Problems today mainly those of population, transportation, national finance and stabilization. The immediate problems before us those of employment, tariff, and so on. Facing these problems with courage, and cheerfully, characteristics of the British and of the Anglo-Saxon race. Some words from the Prince of Wales. Canada's best line of action. Canada's function. Canada's duty to the Empire.