Vladimir Putin

McMurtry, The Honourable Roy

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A troubling mood within Canada, one of weary resignation. A party division in the House of Commons projected into an apparent national schism. Why we can't afford complacency. Complacency as a weapon for the Parti Québeécois. The belief in a future for Canada with Quebec. Rising to the challenge of preserving and strengthening our nation. A new constitution. Whether or not we can make a new constitution work. A new constitution as a symbol of our will to live together. The need for compromise, cooperation and accommodation. The relationship between the federal and provincial governments and how they have changed. Regional tension. Ontario's position with regard to Quebec. Proposed reforms on economic policy. Formal recognition of basic human rights, including language rights, for all Canadians. The need to develop a new model of Canada. New ways of achieving the goal of diversity in unity.

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