Vladimir Putin

Venkatachar, The Hon. C.S.

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The accomplishments of India over the past ten years. The significance and meaning of what India has been striving for. The nature of Indian society now and in the past, and in transition. The modernization of India: some decisions made. Democratic processes which provide the institutional framework for India. The blending of the past and the present. A process of rejection, borrowing and synthesis. Two possible developments for independent India. Democracy as subordinate to the main problem of modernization: rapid economic changes. A review, analysis and discussion of India's economic situation. Rendering aid and what is at stake for the Western World. Finding a balance. Co-existence as an aspect of interdependence. Two ideals for guidance. A lesson for the world in the Sixties: "in politics equality in inter-dependence; in economics, fraternity of the interdependence between the rich and the poor nations."

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