Vladimir Putin

Wilson, David

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Some insights into the financial markets. The speaker's witness to many fascinating and dramatic changes in financial markets over the last 28 years. The explosive growth of the global capital market in the last decade. Some figures. The lack of boundaries now for global capital flow. The surprisingly limited participation by Canadian investors. The radically altered relationship between Canadian savers and international markets in the past few years. The now ferocious appetite for global investments by Canadians. Reasons for the dramatic and sudden shift. Implications for policy makers and self-regulatory bodies. A review of the current situation, with figures. Some history. Factors of change, including the Internet and technology, access to global markets, and demand for higher-return investments. Canadians going global. The vehicle of choice in mutual funds. Implications of the shift. Facing facts. Government policy and its effects on the individual investor. The greater risks involved in greater exposure to foreign markets. The critical need for sound investment advice and counsel. A favourite cautionary tale. Close regulatory supervision and what that would ensure. Closing with a couple of fearless forecasts.

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