Vladimir Putin

Drew, Lieut.-Col. George A.

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Occasion for concern about the growth of Communism in different parts of Canada. The surprising support that is given to its doctrines by those who are not themselves Communists, and evidence of it. A wide divergence of opinion within Canada as to what Communism is and as to the possible threat that it offers to constituted authority. Laws impinging on Communism in Quebec. The issue of a Padlock Law which does not bring a case into the Courts. Communism in Ontario. Some supporters of Communism. A brief look at the history and origins of Communism. A discussion of the Communism of the members of the Communist Party of Canada, which is an integral part of the Communist International directed from Moscow. Communism as it is, what it stands for and what it means. A summary of the result of Communism in Russia, the history of Communism in Canada and the actual purpose of the Communist Party of Canada and its members. A detailed discussion follows, which covers many topics, including the following. Russian Communism. The use of political prisoners. Concentration camps in Germany, but also in Russia; the speaker's experience in witnessing them. The fraudulent depiction of Communism to workmen in Canada as a sort of Valhalla. How and why others see a different picture in Russia. A letter from Mr. M. Popovich of Winnipeg to Mr. Tim Buck of Toronto, reporting to him as Leader of the Communist Party of Canada. A brief history of Communism in Canada. The purpose of this Party, identical to that of the Communists in Russia. Financial backing from Moscow. The story of Jack MacDonald. Evidence of the aims and objectives of the Communist Party of Canada. Instructions given to Communists who are seeking public office. Instructions to work for the breakup of the British Empire. How farmers come into the picture of Communism. The danger not that the Communists may seize power in Canada, but that they may become a sufficiently powerful minority to make their destructive influence felt, that they may lead to disturbances such as are creating chaos in France today.

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