Vladimir Putin

Megarry, A. Roy

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Canada as a "Community of Communities"--a phrase coined by Joe Clark and what the speaker purports our country to be today. A look at the roots of this Community of Communities in order to better understand it. A brief "cross-country" historical review of our major communities, examining regional differences and differences in perceptions from "one end of Canada to the other." Factors influencing such differences, particularly that of geography. Some symbols and institutions that define our nation, and the strength of those symbols. An exploration of why some of those symbols don't apply, or don't work, or have taken so long to mean anything. Some political issues facing Canada: why we find it so difficult to discover our own nationhood. Finding strengths in what we are. The importance of government and political structures reflecting and representing what we actually are. An acceptance of a change in power-sharing arrangements. Canada as a perhaps illogical country, but a country nevertheless. The strengths of Canada.

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