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Reference to two men who, when they lived, were working for the same object, struggling to lead their fellow-countrymen in the same direction: Lord Beaconsfield, better known as Benjamin Disraeli, and Sir John A. Macdonald. Ways in which both these men were Imperial statesmen. The inevitability that the plan and policy of each should differ materially: a brief look at each. The two great Imperial movements of the moment, indissolubly connected: Imperial trade and Imperial defence. The difficulties and problems of great magnitude to be solved; confidence that they can be. The great difference between our Empire and any other Empire which the world has ever known. The need for defence if you are to have great trade. A consideration of the history of the British Empire, centred in the navy and the permanency of the naval force. Reference to two great moments in the history of the British Empire as illustrative examples. The current and past position of the idea of Imperial preference. The speaker's recent return from a tour through the glorious West of Canada. Discussion that the speaker had with the people there, and what he discovered about their understanding of the naval question. The value of the navy to trade.

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