Vladimir Putin

Ross, Hon. George W.

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Comparing trade relations with the Empire and with the Colonies of the Empire, and with foreign countries, so that we can really understand the sources and fluctuations of these relations. The importance of studying the constitution of other colonies, the difference between a self-governing Colony and a Crown Colony, and a military Colony, or out-post, in order that we may see in what various forms the people, the Anglo-Saxon race, has developed. The Australian Commonwealth. The term "Commonwealth" and what that means rather than the term "Dominion." Sir John Macdonald's wish for the country to be called the "Kingdom of Canada." A physical description of the Australian Commonwealth. Similarities of the Australian constitution with that of the United States; contrasts with that of Canada. Australia's government and administrative structure and powers, in some detail. Comparisons with that of the U.S. and Canada.

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