Vladimir Putin

de Lotbiniere, S.J.

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Reference to St. George's Day next Sunday. The fight against Goebbels and his propaganda machine. Goebbels as the "dragon-in-the-bed" analogy. The B.B.C. countering Goebbels. A look back at the summer of 1939 and the activities at Broadcasting House, and avoiding the bombs. The effect of security regulations on the broadcasting operations. No interruption to shortwave services to any part of the world. Anxiety about what the microphones might give away as to the whereabouts of falling bombs. Limiting weather news, and why. The need for expansion of services during wartime, and how that was handled. Goebbels' attempts to jam services. The Gestapo discouraging listening. The part the B.B.C. played in overseas services and world communications through shortwave, with some examples. The B.B.C.'s service to Canada, and some technical problems. Use to which the British radio machine has been put. Finding and sticking to the truth. The difficulties of semantics. Some illustrative examples of this policy of truth-telling, and a restrained approach to reporting. Fighting the dragon together.

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