Vladimir Putin

Beatty, Edward W.

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The attitude of the railways, particularly that of the C.P.R., towards the City of Toronto. Sources of conflict between the City and the Companies. The origins of the difficulties of 1913 and 1923. The agreement which constitutes a legal obligation upon the Grand Trunk Railway and its successors, the Canadian National, and the Canadian Pacific. Changes in conditions which have taken place since that agreement was made. A look at some specific problems and suggested solutions. The considered opinion of the business men of Canada, not influenced to any great degree by political considerations, representing the sound public sentiment of the country. A consideration of some of Canada's problems. The work of consolidation of our country not yet completed. Misunderstandings that still exist between the East and the West. Newcomers with alien traditions and no knowledge of English. Some inspiring words quoted from D'Arcy McGee's speeches in the Quebec House Assembly. Calling for a spirit of personal co-operation. How the distances in Canada prevent those from the East and West from getting acquainted. The factor of distance as the chief obstacle to Dominion-wide personal co-operation. The case of the marketing of wheat as an instance. Suffering from a lack of men, lack of capital, and lack of those forward policies which will enable the country to realize within a reasonable time its own manifest destiny. Evolving a policy of immigration. Our disappointing progress, especially in comparison with the progress made in the other British Dominions. Canada's wealth in a great measure confined to its natural resources. Admitting the presence of latent resources and their non-use. The issue of heavy taxation. Reducing expenditures. A discussion of the issue of the reduction of railway operating costs. Effects of the prosperity in the United States with regard to inflation and wages. The speaker's belief that the spirit of true Canadianism is best evidenced by a calm dispassionate consideration of the business communities of the economic facts upon which the country's future must depend.

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