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Hogg, Peter and Peterson, Donny

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Peter Hogg Democracy and the Charter of Rights. Posing the question: Is the Charter of Rights a bad thing? A presentation of the view that the Charter of Rights is a bad thing, and on what it is commonly based. Some illustrative examples of laws that have been struck down to give a flavour of the activism of our courts, particularly the Supreme Court of Canada. The concern that our courts have become a significant branch of the government without any of the safeguards of democratic election and accountability. A much less well known fact with regard to this issue. The speaker's point that it is very rare that the constitutional defect cannot be remedied. Why it is usually possible to re-enact the substance of a law that has been struck down because it violated the Charter of Rights. A brief discussion of three salient features of the Charter of Rights follows. The speaker's conclusion that the Charter of Rights is not such a bad thing, and why. Donny Peterson The Para-Dice Riders as unlikely Charter candidates. The Para-Dice Riders desire for access to a property that they own but are denied free entry to by the police. How their situation related to the rest of North America. The heart of the case. The roadblock. Media coverage. Biker mythology. What happens at the roadblock. Whether or not there is justice in Canada.

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