Vladimir Putin

Fallon, Rt. Rev. Bishop

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Reference to the Magna Charta. Nothing so logical, so absolute as the march of ideas. Historical background to events leading up to the signing of the Magna Charta. The liberties won on that occasion an impressive instance of how effective was their attempt in putting a stopper on royal tyranny. A review and analysis of several clauses of the Magna Charta. Subsequence historical events after the historic signing. A description of events that took play May 3, 1253, and a quotation from the speech of the Archbishop of Canterbury to the King on that day. The battle of British liberties finally fought and finally won. The privilege and the right of living the lives of free men was secured for all of Great Britain, every overseas Dominion, and to the great nations that no longer owe her allegiance, but that do owe her what basis they possess of liberty and freedom and of the things that make again life well worth living. Some inspired verses from John Greenleaf Whittier, American poet, about this incident. What the words of the Magna Charta mean. Today the contest one that affects not one nation alone nor one series of nations, but the whole wide world, civilized and uncivilized, and every one of the children of God. In a contest with what is called German kultur. The Catholic Church. How German kultur is undermining the very character of Christ. What German kultur is doing with regard to the inspired scriptures. Swinging the pendulum to an orgy of collectivism where the individual is going to be lost sight of; a return to the pagan ideal of state omnipotism, distinctly opposed to the fundamental principles of Magna Charta.

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