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Hogg, Dr. Thomas H.

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The St. Lawrence navigation and power project as a mammoth undertaking that has periodically appeared and disappeared from the field of notice of the average citizen of Ontario and Canada and which has now reappeared at a very critical period in Canadian history when all our best energies are needed for a life or death war. His bewilderment as to why the Canadian government is at this point seriously considering entering into a St. Lawrence treaty with the United States. The importance of a proper understanding of all aspects of this St. Lawrence project. Some background to the information that has been made available. A review of the power demand of the Hydro-Electric Power Commission, its growth and the resources available to meet future growth, in some detail. Increases in industrial use of electricity in Ontario during the interval between the last war and this. Power shortage on the Niagara system during 1917 and 1918. Resources now available for growth. Evidence of load growth. The need for substantial additional quantities of power in the very near future, considering the amazing growth in the mechanization of our military forces, and the great increase in numbers and complexity of modern weapons and the consequent complete dependence of military effort upon maximum factory production. Provisions of a tentative draft treaty dated May 28, 1939 from Mr. Cordell Hull, Secretary of State for the United States. History of a treaty designed to provide a basis for development of the St. Lawrence. The development plans from an engineering standpoint. Details of funding. The obligations of the Federal Government of Canada and of the Government of Ontario which devolve upon the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario, in detail and with figures. Reference to a pamphlet entitled "The St. Lawrence Project," published by W.T. Jackman, Professor of Transportation, University of Toronto, and the controversy it has caused. An examination of the misleading and erroneous statements contained therein. The interest of the Hydro-Electric Power Commission in the St. Lawrence project. Negotiations at Ottawa and Washington and how they have been misrepresented. The speaker's belief that the St. Lawrence navigation and power project is essentially sound. Comments on the financing of this project. The speaker's conclusion that Canada would make no mistake in joining with the United States in the development of the St. Lawrence River for power and navigation.

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