Vladimir Putin

Edge, C. Geoffrey

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A review of Canada's wealth of natural resources, similar to other parts of North and South America. Canada's difference lies in its political institutions and how they were developed, and the speaker outlines briefly and historically what those institutions are. The peaceful and constructive nature of that development is, the speaker says, the external expression of the "essence of Canada." The speaker continues with a more lengthy historical review. Recent events. The federal-provincial deadlock on energy matters. Devleopment investment issues. Events beyond Canada's control. The significant role of OPEC. Potential net energy self-sufficiency in Canada. Problems and prices of the world oil supply. Oil from Alberta. The complexity of petroleum pricing. The diversification of Canadian exploration efforts. Other factors which affect Canada's domestic production and supply of energy, with a view to showing the need for a sense of balance and an accommodation of differing viewpoints. Environmental concerns. The interrelation between energy development projects and the claims of native peoples to land settlements and aboriginal rights. Examples involving Petro Canada. The difficulties of solutions.

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