Vladimir Putin

Fauteux, The Honourable Gaspard

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The speaker addresses the audience not so much as the Queen's representative in French Quebec but as a citizen of our great Kingdom of Canada and a humble member of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Being proud of our Past, confident in our Present and with faith in our future; being custodians of our sons' inheritance. A look at our Past and why we can be proud of it. Reasons to be confident in our Present. Wealth residing "in the Canadian people and qualities they possess" (a quote from Leslie Roberts). Planning today for the Canada in which our sons and grandsons will live. A review of some changes and advancements Canada has gone through. Canada's potential, particularly in terms of natural resources, and in the untapped Northern Territories. Awakening to the advantages of the future. The need for newcomers; for the science and skill of older countries; for "sons by adoption." The need to rely on more than our exports and our present population to continue to grow as a nation. Price adjustments necessary on the home front. Reducing our standard of living, increasing our domestic market to absorb what cannot be sold through our exports, in order to achieve economic independence. Increasing domestic markets through a larger population and purchasing power. Protecting the future of our nation by protecting our territory, our way of life and our various freedoms, particularly those of language and religion. Making use of foreign capital. A response to the thought that by opening the immigration doors of Canada to many, we are inviting into our midst Communist agents. The best argument against Communism. The question of a National flag. Traditions in Quebec. A quote from Walt Whitman about learning lessons.

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