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Foster, Sir George E.

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The ties of Empire. A discussion of the term "Empire" and substitutions for it. The danger of taking the Empire for granted; of not being awake to the changes that have taken place and are taking place, and to the responsibility which is thrown upon the men of every generation to add to the forces which are already existent, and to make them more substantial and powerful for the future work they have to do in the progress of the Empire. Calling our attention to some facts to stir up our minds by way of remembrance, and inducing a little more thought by all of us on the important question of the ties of Empire. Changes in the relationships between the overseas Dominions and the Mother Country within the last 50 years. Looking back for fourscore years to consider the ties or links that then united the Mother Country to her overseas possessions. Contrasting those ties with those that exist today. Advances as witnessed at the peace Convention in Paris where the overseas Dominions took a position of absolute equality with all the other Nations concerned. Advances in terms of Ambassadorial representation at the capitals of foreign countries. Replacing old bonds with new. What is left of the old quasi-political bonds: the Court of Appeal in London, and the tie of a common Sovereign. What the Sovereign, symbol of the Empire, means to us, and how it means everything to the permanency of our Empire. An illustrative anecdote with regard to the Sovereign. Another tie: the common Parliamentary and Judicial system which prevails throughout the British Empire. Three things which the speaker believes could be put in place of some of the old bonds; three ways of bringing us closer together and interweaving the different interests and dispositions of the different parts of the Empire. These three issues are described and discussed in some detail. They are: a common and united diplomatic voice and foreign policy; a common system of Empire defence; the need for a common plan of Empire development, including settlement and the interchange of commodities between all the parts of the Empire. A concluding look back over the last 1,000 years of the Anglo-Saxon race and its achievements. Looking forward 1,000 years; 100 years. The trustees of the future.

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