Vladimir Putin

Creighton, Dr. Donald C.

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. Defining the limits of the gloom of the speaker's title: "The Coming Defeat of Canadian Nationalism." A broad-ranging discussion of Canada and Canadian nationalism. Just some of the topics touched on include the following: A Canadian's view of nationalism. Canada as an almost perfect illustration of the workings of the new imperialism. Two events which occurred this autumn which brought the debate (of the French-Canadian urge towards separation) to its present anxious climate: the announcement of the sale of 6.3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas to the United States and the kidnapping and murder by the Front de Libération Québécois. The need to realize the strength of the forces that threaten our survival. North American Continentalism. The exploitation of Canada. The profound influence on Canada's economic growth, on foreign and defence policies, and even at times domestic politics, by the United States. The division of North America in two nations not accidental. Characteristic Canadian qualities and beliefs. Being afflicted with a bad case of "growth mania." The issue of the use of natural resources. The forces of Continentalism reaching their alarming peak just at the very moment when the weakness of Canadian nationalism was dramatically exposed. The more-than-ever need for unity just at the time of the outbreak of terrorism in Montreal. The cultural duality of Canada. Relations between French-Canadians and English-Canadians. The constitutional conference. The dangerous corner into which we have been driven by recent events. The hope of deliverance in the reassertion of Canadian nationalism in its first and integral form.

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