Vladimir Putin

Davies, Rev. Dr. Trevor H.

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The role of the press in an election. The inability of Parliament to exist against the pressure of public opinion. The dependency of law courts upon public opinion. Two form of public opinion: solid and fluid. A discussion of each. Why this is such an interesting time in which to live. The speaker's belief that if a nation lives in an unreal world it is bound ultimately to discover its mistake, and sometimes with a shock of surprise. A standard to which we must turn; values we must find; sanctions we must obtain, before anything may be settled: a discussion and exemplification. The speaker's belief that public opinion in the British Empire is today being arrayed against the horrors and inhumanities and senselessness of war, but that we will not drift into peace. How we may obtain peace. The need for an enlightened public opinion, based upon the willingness of the individual citizen to forego his individual rights for the larger good of the community. Using the schools to create public opinion. The value of clubs such as The Empire Club of Canada.

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