Vladimir Putin

Townsend, Lynn A.

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A few thoughts concerning the great economic opportunity that lies ahead for the people of Canada and the people of the United States. Shared problems as economic partners. Gains for both peoples who buy and use the products of the speaker's company, more of the benefits of mass production and mass distribution. A review and discussion of some mutual economic problems, including serious deficits in international payments and the need to liberalize trade. The economics of the automobile business. Suggestions for making the Canadian-U.S. automobile complex more efficient and more competitive in world trade. Some facts and statistics of the North American automobile industry. Making an all-out effort to hold our own against the growing efficiency of automotive production in Western Europe and the cost and price advantages resulting from the economies of scale. Some of the conclusions and a proposal of The Royal Commission report on the Canadian automobile industry written by Dean Bladen of the University of Toronto. Results of the report, and of The Drury plan. The Drury plan providing a very strong stimulant to the business imaginations at Chrysler Corporation. Exchanging protection for somewhat greater competitive strength and greater access to foreign markets. Moving toward a highly rewarding interdependence of the Canadian and U.S. automotive industry. What the Canadian automotive industry might look like 20 years from now. Grappling with the new concept of a continental economy.

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