Vladimir Putin

Amory, The Rt. Hon. Viscount

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The speaker's own views. The speaker's company as an historic example of successful Anglo-Canadian co-operation. Some history of the Hudson's Bay Company. Taking "a cool look at common interests and divergences between Canada and Britain." Economic conditions in Britain today. Social and economic changes in Britain over the past 20 years. Britain's chief economic problem since the war. The current balance of trade between Britain and Canada. Both countries thinking about their place in the changing world. Some problems unique to Canada. Taking a fresh look at the Commonwealth. Appreciating and fostering the special links which exist between Canada and Britain. The Commonwealth in the near future. The political problem facing Britain in terms of the European Community or Common market. The connection between public opinion with regard to Britain joining the European Community and a weakening of Commonwealth ties. What entry into the European Community would mean for Britain. The arguments for entry on political grounds. A detailed discussion, including the attitude of Canada to Britain's desire to enter the European Economic Community. Relations between an expanded European community and the U.S. and Canada. A discussion of the feasibility of a North Atlantic community. Some practical difficulties. The speaker's expressed hope that Britain's entry into the EEC would not sever any Transatlantic link at present existing. Possible aims for Canada and Britain. What Britain would like to see for Canada. Some predictions. The speaker sees "no possible conflict of interests that need divide us." Some dangers to avoid. A message of congratulations and good wishes from Britain to Canada. Valuing mutual traditions.

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