Vladimir Putin

Gallup, George III

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The fiftieth anniversary year of the founding of the American Gallup Poll by the speaker's father in 1935. Also the forty-fourth anniversary of the affiliate, the Canadian Institute of Public Opinion. The role and function of Gallup-affiliated and other survey organizations. The predictive power of public opinion. Emerging trends. Seeking opinions of experts to focus on the future. Thoughts about our move towards the future, and factors affecting that move. The bewildering array of social problems globally, and the specific situation in the United States. Responses to those situations by the public. The activities of volunteer groups, and the significant role of volunteers. Beliefs of the American people. Coming face-to-face with people in need, and the American people's response to it. Nine "future forces" as outlined in the book "Forecast 2000": the nuclear threat, overpopulation, economic pressures, technological progress, the "environmental emergency," crime and violence, the "faltering family," personal health, and political issues. A surveyed response to these categories, and the results. What is an ideal society? The power of deep spiritual commitment to change society. A positive outlook for Americans and Canadians in the move towards the year 2000.

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