Vladimir Putin

MacDonald, The Hon. David S.H.

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Seeing the history of the whole human community being forged in the context of the United Nations. The 40th anniversary of the United Nations. Profound repercussions in our lifetime, and the lifetime of those who come after, of activities of the United Nations. Why this is so, and how Canada is placed at a number of critical points. People's perception of the United Nations, as affected by what they see in the media. A review of the founding of the United Nations, and some aspects of its recent history. Canada's role and its developing role in the U.N. How Canada's role is perceived by others. How much is enough in terms of defence and security commitments. The kind of leadership offered by Canada, especially as bridge-builder. Stephen Lewis' role. The large questions that the U.N. deals with (peace, hunger, development of long-term collaboration among nations and peoples) and Canada's role in those dealings.

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