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Seeking to raise a corner of the curtain that has long hung between the eyes of the great public and the secret of McGee's wonderful career of less than 40 years; affording to the men of our day a glimpse of the real principles that actuated him, in common with other gifted souls of the same nationality and of the same school, in the work they had set so determinedly before them. Misjudged by some, misunderstood by others; McGee at one time the victim of prejudices as unreasonable as they were blind. McGee's early years in Ireland and American. His closing years in Canada. A glance at the remarkable lives and still more remarkable aims of some of his associates. The paper of Davis, Dillon and Duffy in Dublin. The success of the "Nation." McGee's at time an American editor, having fled from Ireland in the dark hour. Events and ideas that animated McGee. McGee in Canada; his lecture on "The Future of Canada" in 1863. Some words from that lecture. Another quote, bringing us to the irrefutable logic of McGee's political reasoning. The British constitutional system as a powerful unity composed of reciprocally necessary parts that form a trinity of powers. Ways in which tyranny is rendered practically impossible under this system. The constitutional system perfectly adapted to a free people and especially to a young nationhood such as that of the Canadian Dominion. McGee seeing in the Confederation of this Dominion the assurance of untold progress and prosperity, of boundless freedom and happiness. He "beheld the most powerful example and most irrefutable argument that men of the coming generation could present, when asking for Ireland like political liberty and like legislative autonomy." His principles in Canada in perfect harmony with his aims in Ireland. Drawing lessons of tolerance and patriotism from McGee's precepts and his practice. Some of McGee's predictions about Canada, made in 1866. McGee's wishes with regard to Canada; his preaching of tolerance and broad-mindedness for those who might differ from us religiously or otherwise. Sir Charles Gavan Duffy's words on McGee. Looking forward to the day that McGee's prophetic utterances shall find a complete fulfilment and Canada shall take her rank, on a footing of equality, amongst the nations of earth.

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