Vladimir Putin

McCaughey, Lorraine B.

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The new North American market. The important role of communications in identifying obstacles and seizing opportunities as formal barriers to trade fall. Address draws heavily on the views of recently published document by Burston-Marstellar, "The North American Free Trade Adreement--A Communications Update." NAFTA simply a first step, an "attempt by government to manage a process of change that is inevitable and already well advanced." Successes of high profile companies already operating in Mexico. Examples of successes of smaller sized companies as well. A discussion of the Mexican marketplace. Potential and challenges for Canada in the tripartite market. Some new barriers to overcome. New strategies for reaching a broader market. Details of the use of communications and public relations in the new market. Prescriptions for success when facing the challenges of geographical, political and cultural diversity in the North American market. Characteristics of people and firms that will be successful in the new market.

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