Vladimir Putin

Mawson, Sir Douglas

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Support form Adelaide University for scientific expeditions. The speaker's connection to the Empire, and his interest in Canada. Reference to Dr. Machell from Ontario on the Shackleton expedition, medical man on the "Nimrod." The British Empire as a phase in the unification of the world. The British Empire suffering severely at the present moment; suffering a shock and a loss that will be felt to the very last moment; feeling the irreparable damage when the flower of a nation is killed off. War today a crime. The Empire loss of the United States. The common foe of the world, the unknown. The more we know, the higher our civilisation and science is, the better. Monies required for this knowledge, to advance science. The shortage of these monies in time of war. The importance of finding out about the Antarctic. Much fundamental science to be done. The Antarctic expedition. An expedition which set out to open up new land. Details of organization and travel. The use of wireless telegraphy. The tragedy of the expedition, nearly a year after the Scott tragedy. The loss of a rear sledge which fell down a deep crevasse, killing Lieut. Ninnis. The loss of provisions, the struggle to get back. The barrenness of the Antarctic continent. The death of Dr. Mertz just 100 miles from the hut. The death of all the dogs, either through starvation or consumption. The speaker's drop and recovery from a crevasse. The state of the war now. Pride in the Australian navy. A belief in self-government. Optional service and compulsory training in Australia.
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