Vladimir Putin

Amery, Lt.-Col. Leopold S.

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After the war, hope that something would be accomplished by which the weaker and more backward nations should not be left to the selfish exploitation of the strong, but would be lifted up and protected by a common trusteeship of civilized mankind. Genuine effort made to lay the foundation of that idea in the constitution of the League of Nations. Mankind being taught through experience not to hope too quickly for great results. The position of the United States with regard to the League of Nations. A good deal of disillusion and a good deal of reaction. Realizing that human nature is not so easily changed. The ideal embodied in the present constitution of the League of nations still only in its early stages; an ideal dream of the distant future. Ways in which that ideal is already a reality for more than a quarter of mankind. The British Empire as example. What the British League of Nations stands for, from the time of the Magna Charta. The founding of the great principles of democratic self-government. These common ideas, traditions, and great heritage of ours embodied and personified in the British Crown and in the person of the King himself. The common tradition also embodied in the fact of common citizenship. The spirit of citizenship and loyalty to the Empire. Response from one end of the Empire to the other when our sons answered the call to war. Hope that the time may come when the League of Nations can inspire such a response. The British Empire Canada's Empire just as much as it is Britain's. The need for Canada to take up the great work of developing her material resources, and obtaining the fullest development possible.

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