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Coote, William; Maguire, Rev. C.M.; Blue, Rev.

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Mr. William Coote, M.P.: Links between Canada and the old Ulster land. Support for the Empire from Canada and from Ulster in terms of men sent to the War. The reason the speakers are here today: to lay the lies that have been circulated in the United States about the old Mother country. What the Sinn Feiners tell the Americans about Britain. The lack of oppression in Ireland. All that the British Government has done over the last 40 years to uplift the condition of the Irish people. The disappearance of landlordism which was the cause of the trouble. These and other details of what the British Government have given to or done for Ireland. More of what the Sinn Feiners do and do not tell when they come over the U.S. The annual grant given to Ireland from the British Government, and for what it is given. Representation in the Imperial Parliament by the Irish people. More about Sinn Fein and their objectives. Instances of trouble and reasons for them in Ireland. The speaker's declaration that Sinn Fein is out to destroy British authority in Ireland, and through Ireland the Government if they can. Reverend Charles Wesley Maguire: Speaking to Fellow Loyalists. Reference to the part played by Canadians and Irishmen in the War. The glorious stand at Vimy Ridge. The record of Ulster and the record of the rest of Ireland in the war, and some unjust rewards for Ulster. A little bit of information for propaganda purposes about the rebellion of 1870. What is really so wrong with Ireland that the land teems with unrest and sedition; perhaps the answer lying in the fact that three-fourths of Ireland is really suffering from ignorance. The source of the ignorance that has prevented the bulk of the speaker's countrymen from knowing the real mines, the real foes that are leading them astray and carrying them away by a most pitiful and thin agitation for an Irish Republic: an entirely wrong educational system in Ireland. Evidence of anti-British teaching in the school books of the country, with example. Problems with clerical-controlled education in Ireland. Reverend Mr. Blue: Recalling the sweep of Canada's great movement over the tides. The ties that bind us. Continuing to drink from the cup of fellowship.

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