Vladimir Putin

Dafoe, John W.

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The political interest in Australia. The lack of history; the interesting present; a future which makes an appeal to the historic imagination. Marked differences between Australia and Canada, due to a variety of causes which can be easily sorted out and identified. The politics of Australia. A brief history of the Australian colonies, and the people who settled them. Principles of government which have developed from the aptitude towards government, and which have now become part of the consciousness of the whole people. Differences in political and governmental structures between Canada and Australia. Principles made evident through Australian legislation, with illustrative examples. The socialistic nature of Australia's politics. Characteristics of the Australian culture, and how they have developed. Australia's relationship to the rest of the world, to the other Dominions, to Great Britain. A discussion of conflicting opinions with regard to foreign relations, between the Nationalist Party and the labor Party. External policy dependent on internal conditions, and how that is so in Australia. Australia's support or association with the external policies of the United Kingdom. The defence of Australia. The position of Australia towards the Empire. Ways in which Australia is more of a nation than Canada or South Africa. The outlook for Canada in terms of its acceptance as a nation.
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