Vladimir Putin

Crerar, General H.D.G.

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The dominant need for the maintenance by Canada, now and in the future, of adequate, efficient Armed Forces, and of the means and machinery required for the speedy military mobilization of all the resources of this country, should resort to war again be the only alternative to a shameful submission. The unpreparedness of Canada for World War I and II. A discussion of the issue of the Atomic Bomb and whether or not that makes war obsolete. Cautioning against the assumption that science has now developed means of destruction to which there is no defence. Facing up to the dramatic change in the political and military situation of Canada, brought about by recent scientific discoveries and applications. The loss of any presumed, or actual, political and military isolation possessed by Canada. The circumstances under which Canada would be the operational front line. The need for Canada to have Armed Forces that are capable, not only of being quickly mobilized, but also of acting speedily with long-range mobility. The inevitable conclusion of the need for adopting compulsory universal military training. Arguments for this national policy. Positive advantages which would follow the adoption of universal military training.

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