Vladimir Putin

Jerrold, Douglas

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The situation in Britain and Europe, with an emphasis on Europe. England today on the verge of a General Election. Comments on Britain's foreign policy. The defence of Europe as the common task of nations of the West. The dramatic change over the last six years in the strategic position of Great Britain. Today, Great Britain as the western outpost of the European defensive system; instead of being the advanced base, it is the hindmost base of that defence system. The frontiers of Civilization today being the Rhine and the Danube. This change in frontier due to the invention of missile weapons. The significant fact that the strategy of retreat on which was based the defence of Europe against aggression from the East in the last two wars is no longer possible. The determination of the governments of Canada and the United States to take such measures as are possible for the economic recovery of Europe and its military defence. Implications of this new situation. Conditions requisite to the effective defence of the West against aggression from the East. Four of these conditions are discussed. They are: The Atlantic Pact; the question of Colonial Empires of the old European countries; the need for effective military preparations for the defence of Europe; Currency--the need for Western Europen to develop a sound common currency system.

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