Vladimir Putin

Brownridge, Alan; Hirsch, Veronika; Reed, Donald

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Veronika Hirsch. "Timing is everything." Turning bullish after the 1995 Quebec referendum and the possibility of another one by late 1997. The speaker's predictions that the TSE 300 Index will reach 6000 sometime this year and that gold will break out of its narrow reading range and reach $492.50 before the summer is over. Basis for predictions. Why the speaker thinks the global investor will return to Canada, having been absent since after the crash of 1987. Why the speaker feels bullish on the prospects of the equity markets generally, over the longer term. Foreseeing a marked increase in stock market participation which should be positive for the direction of markets over time. Conclusion: "Everyone can become wealthy provided he has enough capital invested in the stock markets. Happy investing!" Donald Reed Thoughts on international markets. Templeton's ability to invest on a bottom-up basis: stock-pickers. Templeton investing, as an organisation, in over 50 countries through various mandates in global investing, including emerging markets and global fixed income. Some details about how Templeton stood at year-end in their global portfolios. Belief in the diversification principle, and in owing a basket of currencies. The necessity for research teams to travel to other countries and visit companies on site. Where Templeton is finding value. Opportunities in China. Bullish on international markets. Allan Brownridge Bond investments: 1995 as one of the best years on record. The Canadian bond market holding its own. What about 1996? An expectation for a continued easing of monetary policy in the U.S. that will result in short-term rates moving lower by one-half of one per cent to one per cent. When bond investments do well. The need for Canadian investors to pay attention to what the Federal Reserve is up to as well as to what the Bank of Canada is doing. A strong case for both central banks to continue lowering administered rates. A proposal of a number of points to illustrate concerns about the risk of slower growth in 1996. The factor of a presidential election year in 1996. Implications of the above for bond investments. The factor of Quebec's independence. Markets outside North America. A prediction of Europe's markets as the best-performing markets among the industrialised countries; Japan's bond market as the worst for 1996. A summary of Investors Group interest rate view. A slow-turning tide for the American dollar. The Canadian/U.S. dollar relationship.

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