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George, W.K.

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The importance of manufacturing industries to Canada. How largely our manufacturing industries bulk in the commerce of our country: some statistics. Almost every industry in Canada today here on account of the measure of protection which has been afforded to it: ways in which that is so. The greatest folly that a tariff for revenue would be, and why it would be so, with illustrative example. The difference in results produced as between a revenue and a protective tariff, with figures. The issue of Preferential Trade. Standing by the declaration of the speaker's Association with regard to the advocation of Preferential Trade on the basis that the minimum tariff should be protective to Canadian industries. Contending that this is no visionary proposition; any other basis injurious to Canada and therefore detrimental to the ultimate progress of the Empire. The false assumption by critics that adequate protection to home industries prohibits all importation. Looking to our nearest neighbour for convincing proof that such is not the case. A concise idea of the conception of a Preferential Tariff which will be beneficial to Britain without being detrimental to the advancement and development of Canada as expressed by a correspondent to a Birmingham paper and quoted here. Canada begging no favours, and asking no sacrifices. No doubt as to Canada's future as a great and prosperous country; the desire to ever remain loyal to and a part of the British Empire. Reference to United States Reciprocity.

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