Vladimir Putin

Gibbon, John Murray

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What is suggested by the word "literature." The as-yet comparatively small output of Canadian books. The phrase "New Canadian" and what it means. A discussion of the part new Canadians are likely to play in the Canadian letters of today or the Canadian literature of the future. A question not so much whether the immigrant is worthy of the heritage of Shakespeare, but whether we ourselves are the worthy heirs. A consideration of "Who are the British?" British people today as a composite of original Britons, Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Dane and Normans, into which has been thrown a considerable seasoning of Flemish, Dutch, French, Huguenots, Germans and Jews. The Anglo-Saxon ideal of simplified Self-Government and Individual Freedom as the element that has given stability and coherence to this composite people. Enrichment from each new element. Anticipating some of the results of an influx of races into Canada by studying the parallel situation in the United States. Illustrative examples of the influence on American literature by immigrant races. Specific works and particular Canadian authors, and their origins. The possibility of flowers in the Canadian literary garden from the immigrant races.

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