Vladimir Putin

Casgrain, Lieut.-Col. The Hon. J.P.B.

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The speaker's journey to London last year as a representative of Canada at the coronation of his august majesty, King George V. The good knowledge obtained during that visit, of the immense commercial resources of the British Isles, convincing him that England was still the mistress of the commerce of the world and very far indeed from being a dying nation. The revelation of the immense shipbuilding years at Belfast; observing the men working on the "Titanic." The special Royal favour accorded to the representatives by His Majesty. The luncheon of welcome tendered to the Dominion representatives in Westminster Hall. The incomparable speech of the Earl of Rosebery. Details of this and other social functions. The Coronation in the Ancient Abbey of Westminster, at the very heart of this vast Empire, in London. The review of the fleet by His Majesty the King at Spithead. The issue of the colonies contributing to the British Navy. Enormous changes within the last year in terms of the fleets of the world. Risking exposure to an attack from the German navy. The problem for the dominions to consider seriously: whether it would not be wise and patriotic to devise immediately some means of protecting their own sea coasts, in spite of the apparent great confidence of the Right Honourable Mr. Churchill. The speaker's experience in the House of Commons. The issue of the lack of influence of Canada in that House. A few words about Sir Max Aitken. Hopes for a world-wide Parliament with every British citizen of the self-governing colonies represented like the residents of the British Isles.

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