Vladimir Putin

Monkhouse, Allan

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Something of what it appears to the speaker has taken place in Russia during the last 17 years and during more recent years, the extent to which the country is succeeding and all the troubles and setbacks which they are experiencing, as well as the effect on the people of Russia. A review of some of the work that was done in the preliminary years, from 1917, in order to more clearly understand what is happening today. A close look at industry and industrial development since that time, including mistakes make. How industry is controlled. The issue of equal pay. The situation for the worker today. The fact that similar methods as those in the West have been introduced as one of the things that is contributing to the success of the Russian industrial programmes. The influence of the fear of war. Building of a strong army. The agricultural situation, very different from the industrial. The collectivization idea and how the plan was implemented. The question of distribution, and problems with the co-operatives. The crisis of food stuffs. Rationing of food and clothing. The trade stores for foreigners. The situation with regard to transportation. Housing and social welfare work. Medical work and the decreasing infant mortality rate. Population increases. Education. The question of religion. Attacks made in the early days on home life and marriage. The marriage law. Sports and athletics. Terror of the secret policy organization, the Ogpu. Events that took place in Moscow the beginning of last year with regard to the power stations.

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