Vladimir Putin

Danson, The Honourable Barnett J.

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The term "military-industrial-complex" and what it implies. Aligning ourselves "with like-minded nations who share our values and, to an extent, our geography, and to carry our fair share of responsibility in such an alliance." The equipping of a continuously existing armed force. Opting for a reasonable balance between what we spend and what we build. Some facts and figures on defence spending. Canada's ability to meet our commitment to Western security and to have the capacity to respond in the event of an emergency. Aiming to maintain a balance, over time, between procurement and purchases with other nations and to maintain the flow of technological interchange through our NATO relationships and our Canada-United States defence production sharing agreement. Figures on overseas defence trade. Canada's deficit with the United States. Sales figures and activities in the defence industry in Canada: Pratt and Whitney in Quebec, De Havilland, SPAR Aerospace, Canadian Marconi and Canadian Aviation Electronics, etc. Canada's future in an increasingly competitive world hinging on our ability to use our skills and brain power. Learning from the lessons of the terminated production of the Arrow. Partnerships. Canada's approach to defence spending. Related areas of the economy, basic to Canada's security in total economic terms as well as at times of emergency, that are part of defence preparedness. The message that a strong defence demands a strong economy and one leads to the other. Ensuring results of stimulation, development and sustainability from defence spending. Translating that into jobs and expansion of our industrial capability and capacity.

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